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Damage Cannot Stop Carrollton Church

Carrollton Church Congregation Looking Forward After Building Destroyed



    The 100-member Crosspointe Church congregation gathered for services Sunday a few feet from their building four days after lightning destroyed it. (Published Sunday, June 10, 2012)

    “We may be down but we’re not out,” were the first words Pastor David Wahlstedt told NBC 5 outside their severely damaged building.

    Pastor Wahlstedt says his congregation is used to not having a building of their own.  He said they just got this one two years ago.  In fact they had their first service in Theater 166 on June 6, 2010.  A storm destroyed it on June 6, 2012.  He says he’ll look to rebuild immediately.

    “We’re improvising all the time so here’s another chance for us to have another improvisational faith,” said Wahlstedt.  “There’s a range of emotions.  I don’t think discouragement ever was part of that.”

    People settled into a grassy area off the parking lot a few feet from their building.  Church members brought lawn chairs, water bottles and sunscreen.  A couple even brought their dogs. 

    “We’re just happy there’s a nice breeze rolling through, cool us down a bit,” said Crosspointe member Kylie Knight.  “We’re excited to be here.  We’re not going to stop because of falling bricks.”

    Johannes Starks said, “You think about this happening to someone else’s church and you never think about that happening at home but I think it always gives us a chance to exercise our faith and gives us a chance to reach out when it happens to other people because we’ve stood in their shoes and we’ve overcome that.”

    Crosspointe touts itself as the “Intersection of Faith, Arts and Community.”