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Safety on Minds of Families at Area Lakes

Two people drowned in seperate incidents last Sunday



    Families at area lakes are keeping safety in mind after recent drownings. (Published Saturday, June 16, 2012)

    Gikimon Daison's two sons splash around in the lake like they have no worries.  Daison doesm though.  That's why he stays where he can see them and get to them quickly while he prepares for a Father's Day weekend picnic on Saturday.

    "Don't go where we can't see them. Always check in every five minutes," are the rules Daison and his wife have laid down.

    Nearby four young girls got a a bit of a scolding from their grandmother Chery Allen who didn't like it when a couple of the girls got on the yellow barrier no one is supposed to swim past.

    "Before they went to the water, I told them specifically, that yellow bar out there was a boundary and that means they cannot go past it and I don't want to see them on it," Allen said.

    Grand Prairie Police say two drownings within hours of each other on Joe Pool Lake last weekend were preventable.

    "They wouldn't have happened had the victims been wearing life vests," said Grand Prairie Police Detective Lyle Gensler.

    "I mentioned to them about lake drownings," Allen said, referring to her four granddaughters.  "I said to them 'every year somebody drowns in a lake...there are swimmers that drown.'"

    Police say all swimmers need to take notice of warning signs, barriers, and make sure to take their common sense with them when they enjoy their time near any body of water.