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Power Plant to be Imploded in Frisco



    Power Plant Implosion Fail

    A planned implosion doesn't go off as planned when two detonators fail. (Published Friday, July 1, 2011)

    The planned implosion of the retired Collin County Power Plant in Frisco didn't go off as planned Friday morning.

    Luminant had planned to implode the structure at 10 a.m., but after the smoke cleared following a small explosion at the base of the structure, nothing fell down.

    Luminant said there were 14 charges planted around the base of the structure, and all but two fired. 

    The detonators that failed because they overheated. Shortly before noon, the failed detonators were reset and the implosion was attempted again -- this time bringing the power plant crashing to the ground.

    The Collin County Power Plant, which had been in use for nearly 50 years, will largely be recycled after the implosion.  Luminant said roughly 85 percent of the steel, copper and equipment from the power plant will be shipped to recycling centers around the world for reuse.