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Police Blotter: Shooting in Pleasant Grove



    Police Blotter: Shooting in Pleasant Grove
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    The heat continues as does daily crime in North Texas.

    Here's a list of recent activities drawing the attention of North Texas law enforcement. List compiled on Sept. 14, 2011.

    Shooting in Pleasant Grove
    Several people woke up to the sound of gunshots along Kitty Hawk Lane in Pleasant Grove early Wednesday morning. Some brave and curious went to see what the noise was and found a man lying dead on the sidewalk.  Officers were called and determined the man had been shot several times in the chest. Police are interviewing residents to find out if they have any information on the suspect.
    Firefighter Hurt in Grapevine
    A firefighter was hurt fighting an apartment fire in Grapevine Wednesday. It happened at Cobblestone Village on Turner Road. The fire started in the kitchen and then spread to another unit. The flames were put out quickly. In addition to the firefighter who suffered heat related injuries, another person was treated for minor burns.

    Transformer Shorts; Causes Fire
    A transformer fire caused a chain reaction of fires in Dallas Wednesday morning. It caused fried power lines to fall onto a couple of nearby trees, igniting them. The fires happened near University of Texas Southwestern on Inwood Lane. Firefighters put out the flames and TXU Energy shut off power to the lines about an hour later.

    Murder/Suicide in Coppell
    The Coppell Police Department received a 911 call Tuesday morning from a man who said he was going to shoot himself. When police arrived at his house in the 500 block of Parish Place, they found the body of William John Schuster, Sr. The 58-year-old died from a gunshot wound. They also found the body of Sara Carter Schuster, 57, also dead from an apparent gunshot wound. Members of the Coppell Police Department Criminal Investigation Division and the Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office are investigating. This wasn’t the first time the Coppell Police Department had been called to the Schuster house. They were called out for a domestic disturbance five days ago, on Sept.9.