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Plane Makes Emergency Landing on Golf Course

No Injuries Reported



    Plane Makes Emergency Landing on Golf Course
    Dale Beeson
    A plane landed on 13th green of golf course and rolled into a tree near Pecan Plantation in Granbury.

    A man walked away after he had to land his plane on a North Texas golf course Monday morning, officials said.

    The unidentified aircraft landed on the 13th green of the Pecan Plantation golf course near Granbury Monday morning, Hood County Sheriff's Office and Federal Aviation Administration spokespersons said.   

    Once it hit the ground, the small plane rolled into a tree.  The sole pilot was uninjured, officials said.

    Investigators weren't immediately clear why the plane had to land on the golf course.  The Pecan Plantation community has an aircraft landing strip near the golf course.   It was unclear from investigators if the pilot was trying to use that landing strip.

    A spokesperson for the golf course community wasn't available for comment Monday, a receptionist said over the phone.

    The name of the pilot wasn't released and identifying information could not be located on the plane from a photo sent to us from NBCDFW viewer Dale Beeson.

    "All it did was break up the prop of the plane as best as I could tell," Beeson said in a telephone interview.

    "It could have been a lot worse," Beeson said "If he would have hit someone's house it could have been a different story."

    This is the second plane crash in Pecan Plantation in a little over a month.

    Michael Henney, 49, was killed and his wife critically injured when they tried to land their small plane on the private airstrip.   The single-engine fixed-wing Vans RV-6A landed nose-down, FAA investigators said. 

    That plane landed about 200 yards from Monday's crash, Beeson estimated.

    The National Transportation Safety Board is still investigating what caused that crash.