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Winning Ticket = Mad Dash to Lucky Store

Mega Millions has everyone feeling lucky



    Winning Ticket = Mad Dash to Lucky Store

    One Duncanville gas station has quite the lucky streak. On Friday, they sold a Mega Millions ticket with five out of five correct numbers, winning the lucky buyer a cool $250,000.

    Still, that's a far cry from the over $230 million that ticket holder could have won by matching the crucial sixth Mega Ball number.

    "Just a number that was something else. If that would have been one more number that would've been like, what, 230 million," said the Red Bird Shell's manager, Amir VeerJee.

    Now the pot is even sweeter -- $290 million is now at stake in the next drawing -- and people are hoping this store's luck will rub off.

    Big Dreams for Big Payday

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    Jeremy West said he plays the lotto in that area and was disappointed he didn't win. He's got big plans for the day he plays the right numbers.

    "I would take Monday off, go pick up the check, and then go back to work Tuesday," West laughed.

    West and others have plenty of reason to buy at the lucky little station on North Duncanville Road --the location also boasts a $20 million winner 10 years ago, and a $20,000 lotto winner last month.