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Gorilla Mates Arrive in Dallas

"Mates" will socialize and maybe procreate with Patrick



    Gorilla Mates Arrive in Dallas
    Madge (left), Patrick (center), and Shanta (right) -- three gorillas in a "matchmaking" situation at the Dallas Zoo.

    In November, we told about the Dallas Zoo's efforts to do a little "gorilla matchmaking" with Patrick, the 21-year-old silverback gorilla.

    Now, the two females, Madge and Shanta, have arrived in Dallas for a 30-day quarantine before getting a cage next to Patrick for a meet and greet.

    Before you think it's all about the baby-making, take note -- Patrick has been living as a bachelor for two years and, while the zoo wouldn't mind if he settled down, the new friends will also help socialize Patrick.

    Take a look at Patrick (in the middle) and his new friends above.