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Frisco Zip Code Change Raises Issues Right Before Busy Holiday Mail Season

Not all places -- including Postal Service -- recognize new zip code



    Some homeowners in West Frisco are wondering if their holiday packages reach them in time for Christmas because of a change in zip codes.

    They are living with two zip codes after the U.S. Postal Service announced a switch to a new zip code to accommodate the city's explosive growth.

    "We were told that we were given a year's grace period, that we could use either zip code, but come July 1, 2012, it's the new one and nothing else," homeowner Kory Kemp.

    But some places don't yet recognize the new zip code of 75033 while others -- including the local post office branch -- don't always recognize the old zip code of 75034.

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    Kemp said a Christmas package he ordered almost two weeks ago was returned.

    "When we didn't get it for 10 days, we checked back with them," he said. "They had it returned and actually [the sellers] have shipped it a second time, and we're expecting that one to go back, too."

    Many institutions do not yet recognize the area's new zip code.

    "With some credit card companies and utility companies that I use, they don't always accept the new zip code," Karen Ross said. "They don't have it set up in their systems, so I'm still getting stuff to the old zip code."

    The Postal Service apologized in a statement for the inconvenience. The statement indicated that mail deliveries addressed to previous zip codes were being delivered to daily to homes and suggested residents use the old zip code to ensure delivery.

    The Postal Service also recommended that everyone who is affected by the change contact their banking and billing institutions and alert them to the change in zip code.

    Kemp said he already did that, saying the situation was only a slight hassle until now.

    "It hasn't been a major inconvenience until now, until packages are starting to get turned away," he said.