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Frisco Red Light Cams to Issue Citations



    Frisco Red Light Cams to Issue Citations
    Scott Weber
    A automotive camera is set to detect moving violations in the intersection during red lights.

    The city of Frisco will begin issuing citations from their three red light cameras Monday.

    The cameras have been oprational since Feb. 25, but to this point have only been issuing warnings.  To date, 472 warnings have been issued during the police department's gradual introduction of the cameras.

    “Many of the violations observed during the warning period illustrate the dangers that red light runners pose to commuters in Frisco,” said Lt. David Shilson.  “It is our hope that the use of this technology will change the driving behavior of those who run red lights in order to make Frisco a safer place.”

    Frisco's red light cameras are located at southbound Preston Road and Gaylord Parkway, and both the northbound and southbound lanes of Preston Road at Lebanon Road.