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Dallas Women Dig Smoke

Survey reveals women’s olfactory likes, dislikes



    Dallas Women Dig Smoke
    Who knew this could be an aphrodisiac.

    Light a fire in the fireplace … please … build a campfire, grill some burgers, and Dallas women quiver in anticipation, and not for the s’mores or dinner.

    According to a survey commissioned by AXE men’s grooming products, women in Dallas really get off on a smoky, woody aroma.

    Contrast that with findings from, say, Los Angeles, where women dig a whiff of lavender. In New York, the gentle wafting of coffee starts the juices flowing, and in Philadelphia it’s the smell of clean laundry [blink, blink], according to the survey.

    The fine PR folks at AXE sent along a news release outlining the survey, the methodologies, and demographics of the female participants, complete with blah-blah footnotes about “individualized nuncupative interviews,” and ... wait, what? Why not just say “oral,” which in this case would be “verbal,” and I always giggle when a women says she has good oral skills, probably because she attended a campfire sing-along last night, but I digress.

    The survey also revealed that 56 percent of women would not date a guy who wears the same cologne as her dad. Twenty-five percent of surveyed women wait up to a month to change the sheets after, you know, to keep the scents of her man lingering, the kinky little vixens, and 66 percent said they’d be more likely to make out with a guy who smells good.

    So, boys, fire up the grill before heading out to the club scene this weekend. You’re welcome.

    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. He really misses his Weber Kettle now.