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Fire Forces Demolition of Irving Townhomes

Three Dozen Firefighters Battle Flames



    Fire Forces Demolition of Irving Townhomes
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    Irving firefghters worked to extinguish flames at a townhome complex early Sunday, January 8, 2011. The buildings were demolished soon after.

    A fire in Irving burned a town home building and forced the city to tear it down before the flames were even put out. Neighbors watched in horror at the Hidden Creek Townhomes in the 600 block of Union Bower.

    "I just seen flames and smoke everywhere and I was just like, oh my God, what happened?" said Jasmyn Gaines, who used to live in the building that caught fire just before 9:00 on Sunday morning. "It's pretty sad because I have childhood memories over here. I went to middle school right across the street. And I used to know the people who stayed next door."

    "What a rude awakening for a Sunday morning," said neighbor Florrie Radko. "Just worried 'cause there's a lot of kids in this neighborhood."

    Neighbors awoke to nearly three dozen firefighters right outside their windows tackling a fire that was spreading quickly through two town homes in one building.

    Fire Forces Demolition of Irving Townhomes

    [DFW] Fire Forces Demolition of Irving Townhomes
    Neighbors were afraid the flames would jump to nearby buildings.
    (Published Monday, Jan. 9, 2012)

    The town homes that were on fire are vacant, which firefighters say caused the fire to spread even faster because there was hardly anything inside for the fire to burn through. The building soon became unsafe to stay standing, so the city started tearing it down.

    The fire could have been a lot worse, had a neighbor not reacted quickly upon seeing smoke and called 911.

    No one was injured in the fire. Investigators are still trying to find the cause.