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Comanche Peak Expansion Cleared



    Comanche Peak Expansion Cleared
    Artist's rendering of what expansion may look like at Comanche Peak.

    The Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant near Glen Rose is one step close to expansion.

    The Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Army Corps of Engineers said constructing two new reactors will be OK for the environment.

    Luminant Generation, who runs Comanche Peak, has asked to build two Mitsubishi US-Advanced Pressurized Water Reactors next to the two existing reactors at the facility.  The US-APWR's each have an expected output of approximately 1,700 MWe (Megawatt energy).  

    The two reactors at Comanche Peak each currently produce between 1,210 MWe and 1,259 MWe -- enough energy for roughly 600,000 homes each (assuming each home uses 2kw).  Using those same figures, the two new reactors could provide power for approximately 1.8 million additional customers.

    The facility is in Somervell County on the Squaw Creek Reservoir about 45 miles south of Fort Worth.

    The new reactors will go online by 2022 if the plant's owner can secure funding.