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Carrollton Car Burglaries Up 20 Percent

Police urge residents to lock cars



    Car burglaries have become a growing problem in Carrollton, some of the burglaries have been caught on home surveillance video. (Published Tuesday, April 24, 2012)

    Carrollton police say they want residents to discourage car burglaries by locking their car doors.

    Car burglaries are up 20 percent since last year. Police said more than half of the car burglaries this year have been to vehicles with unlocked doors.

    "They are not breaking into cars that are locked," detective Robert Hay said. "They are just going from one car to the next and getting into the ones that are unlocked."

    Resident Jason Kupke said he learned the hard way.

    "Everything was just sitting down here on the floor board, and like I said, that one night, the car was unlocked," he said.

    "It was just a lot of irreplaceable videos and pictures that I had in digital format in that laptop bag that can't be replaced," Kupke said. "I now make sure the car is locked two or three times a night before we go to sleep."