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Burglar Unwraps, Steals Christmas Presents

Homes near DPD headquarters targeted



    Burglar Unwrapped Gifts Before Stealing Them

    A burglar unwrapped the presents under a Dallas home's Christmas tree before stealing them. (Published Friday, Dec. 28, 2012)

    Dallas police are searching for a burglar who is breaking into homes right under their noses.

    The break-ins occurred on Christmas Eve just a couple of blocks from Dallas police headquarters.

    "It's kind of wild that on Christmas Eve, someone would come into your house and steal what you've earned," Billy MacLeod said.

    His home on Akard Street was one of at least two broken into in the Cedars neighborhood. In both cases, the burglar kicked in the front glass door.

    At MacLeod's house, the thieves stole most of his Christmas presents, along with small electronics and jewelry.

    "They came in, they opened up all the presents," he said. "They took what they wanted. They probably weren't in here very long."

    But the burglar didn't steal his family's Christmas spirit, MacLeod said.

    "We weren't going to let a thief take our Christmas, so what we did was, we cleaned up after the police left. We boarded the house up. We went out shopping for each other," he said. "We wrapped our presents in secret. We still had our Christmas morning."

    But what the burglar left behind has the radio salesman thinking more like a detective.

    "I don't know about being Colombo or Matlock or Perry Mason, but I did find a clue, and I think it points directly to who did this," he said.

    The burglar left behind a delivery invoice printed on the morning of Dec. 24. Neighbors also report seeing a white delivery truck in front of his house.

    NBC 5 is not releasing the name of the company to allow police time to investigate the invoice.

    MacLeod said he found it next to a box of chocolates that had been eaten and some wrapping paper.

    The other victim said the burglar opened a bottle of apple juice at her house, as well as a bottle of liquor, and appears to have made a mixed drink while rummaging through her house.