911 Operator Accused of False Report Passes Polygraph

NBC 5 has uncovered new information about a 911 call taker charged with making a false report.
Police said 32-year-old Shatawn Allen lied about her apartment being broken into on Dec. 17, 2013, the only item listed on the police report was a $4,500 handbag.
On Wednesday, her attorney, Reed Prospere, denied the allegations and said she was innocent.

A polygraph test was given to Allen to be provided as evidence. In it, she passed. She was asked three questions about the incident and about her innocent.
According to the report from the test taker, Allen said, “She did not kick in that door. She was not involved in kicking in that door and stated she is not lying about finding her door kicked in when she arrived home with her children."
Her attorney said Allen was on the phone with a friend, a police officer for the Dallas County Community College District, who also signed a sworn affidavit saying she believed Allen was saying the truth.
Allen’s attorney adds she did not have renters insurance and would have no reason to lie about the break-in.
Dallas police have not commented since Tuesday night when they said the internal investigation is in the review process and that Allen is on administrative leave until the outcome of the investigation.

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