7 New Paddling Trails Now Open


North Texas is now home to the largest concentration of paddling trails in the state.

Seven new ones opened Tuesday on Joe Pool Lake, the Trinity River and its West Fork, Lake Ray Hubbard, Lake Lewisville and Lake Bridgeport.

There are now 33 paddling trails across the state of Texas.

Lake Arlington's trail opened last year, the first in North Texas. It is a designated path carved out just for paddlers, offering a trek through nature's beauty.

"It's about 11 miles in it entirety," Lake Arlington worker Clint Winn said last month. "Down south, there's a lot of like, trees and naturals, so there's lots of animals down there, and you see fish jumping out of the water."

Just two miles away, sporting-goods company Mountain Sports provides paddlers kayaks and instruction.

"That way we know that our customers are going to go out and enjoy themselves and be safe on the water," Joshua Walker, of Mountain Sports, said last month.

Business could pick up now that the seven new paddling trails are open.

"I think it will bring a lot more people out, and that makes me excited," Winn said.

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