Dallas County

4 Hog Hunters Lost in Dallas County Rescued After Search

A group of lost hog hunters and their dogs were rescued Tuesday morning after an hourslong search operation in rural Dallas County.

At about 1 a.m., four hunters and several dogs chased a feral pig into the woods off Malloy Bridge Road, near the Trinity River, in southeast Dallas County.

According to police, the hunters fell into the river, swam a distance and crawled their way back to shore before calling 911 for help, police said.

First responders from the Dallas County Sheriff and Dallas Fire-Rescue joined police and firefighters in Wilmer to organize a search into the thick brush. A Texas Department of Public Safety helicopter also helped communicate the group's position to crews on the ground.

Officials said the hunting dogs had GPS collars, which helped rescuers determine their location along the Trinity riverbank.

The hunters and their dogs — with their hog trophy head in hand — made it to safety after more than two hours. Though cold, the hunters were unharmed, police said.

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