15-Year Giving Tradition Continues

Dallas woman donates 7,000 PJ pairs

by Bruce Felps

Patti Taylor must have a thing for pajamas.

Taylor, who lives in Dallas and works as purchasing manager for Dougherty's Pharmacy, collects hundreds of pairs — pair? — of PJs each year and donates the sleepwear to Buckner Children's and Family Services.

In fact, at 10 this morning she made the 15th annual trip to the nonprofit center and brought the total number of donated pajamas to 7,000. Do the math and that would be … gimme a minute … almost 470 pair each year.

The good folks at Dougherty's help out Taylor in her PJ collection frenzy. They are so excited about the charitable efforts they wrote a little poem about it, and here’s a snippet:

Dougherty's Pharmacy is a remarkable place
Families come for everything — prescriptions, creams, and makeup for your face
Eighty years have gone by since we first opened and employees have always said we care
Sponsoring and supporting events, clubs, charities with sizzle and flare.
We occasionally help out Santa, too
He's a busy guy with lots to do
Our purchasing manager, Patti Taylor is a special elf who we think is really great
She's wrangled thousands of pajamas to donate to some special Dallasites
She helps orphans at the Buckner Children's Home have a warm, cozy Christmas night

Hey, their hearts are in the right place.

Bruce Felps owns and operates East Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. He hates poetry. All of it.

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