11-Year-Old Girl Is “911 Hero”

Forest Hill girl calls for help when brother has seizure

An 11-year-old Forest Hill girl was honored as a “911 hero” after her younger brother had a seizure and she called for help.

Imazhane Wright was baby-sitting her three younger siblings May 20 when their mother stopped at the grocery store.

Rodney Wright, 10, started shaking on the couch, and Imazhane grabbed the phone and called 911.

"My brother is having a seizure," she told the dispatcher for Fort Worth’s ambulance service, Medstar.

"I was thinking to stay calm,” she remembered Monday. "But I wasn't calm. I was trying to be as calm as possible, but it wasn't working."

"Oh, wow," said her mother, Mukiako Wright, as she listened to the call for the first time. "I'm just glad that those times we had the talk to call 911, she was actually listening."

The dispatcher, Angela Penic, also was recognized for how she handled the call.

"Honey, you’re doing a great job," Penic reassured the girl during the call. "You’re doing everything for your brother."

Imazhane said she feared the worst when the seizure came to an end.

"He fell on the floor, and he was just laying there," she said. "He wasn't shaking any more. So then, I got really, really nervous."

But when paramedics arrived, he was just fine.

"I'm glad he's with us right now,” his sister said.

"She did everything right,” her mother said. “From the beginning to the end…I don't think I could have done a better job."

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