Researchers Recruit Volunteers For COVID-19 Vaccine Trials

Researchers launch effort to recruit volunteers all over the United States and of all backgrounds for five large-scale efficacy trials of coronavirus vaccines

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Scientists are working fast on a coronavirus vaccine but they say they need your help.

They're looking for 150,000 volunteers to join COVID-19 vaccine trials, happening all over the country, including North Texas.

The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle is coordinating the trials of five different vaccine candidates.

It launched this website last week to recruit people into the trials which will take place at 100 clinical sites around the nation and the world.

"We need diverse numbers of diverse folks to participate, ethnic, racial groups, occupational groups, ages," said Director of External Relations for the COVID-19 Prevention Network Stephaun Wallace.

Coordinators say the five vaccine candidates are in phase three of trials, meaning each has so far proven to be safe.

In phase three, they'll look at how well each vaccine prevents infection or how well each does at keeping an infection from becoming severe.

Anyone from anywhere can sign up and if recruited, you can expect to be a part of the trial, which will include anywhere from a couple to a few injections, over the course of one to two years.

As of Friday, about 100,000 had registered according to coordinators.

"Sometimes a person in the family might be impacted. Sometimes a partner, family or friend, or there's some personal story associated with it. Sometimes it's compassion, or just wanting to help join the fight and be part of the solution," said Wallace.

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