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Popular Home Delivery Option Sticking Around for Many Pharmacies

Skip pharmacy lines with doorstep delivery of medications

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Same-day prescription delivery is now being offered by all major retail drugstores and many other pharmacies.

After signing up for delivery service, customers can choose to have certain medications delivered to their door. The popularity of delivery picked up during the stay-at-home days of the pandemic, but these services are sticking around as people seek ways to make daily life easier.

Here are some examples of available choices:

  • UberEats works with NimbleRX, delivering prescriptions from local pharmacies with no delivery fee. Customers use the UberEats app to connect to Nimble.
  • Walgreens patients can have medications delivered within hours of ordering from nearly all locations across the U.S.
  • Same-day delivery by Shipt is available at CVS pharmacies in most states, including Texas, for a $7.99 fee. Join the $5 a month CVS CarePass program and get medicines delivered same-day for free.
  • Costco members can schedule prescription delivery up to a week in advance. Or spend $35 on same-day grocery delivery and the $7.99 prescription delivery fee is waived.

Nearly all of these services involve some interaction with apps, so customers need to be a little bit savvy, or get help, to get an account up and running. And, not all prescriptions are eligible for delivery.

"People have more things on their plates than ever now," said Tony Makarich of Catalyst Health Network. "And if we can have those medications delivered right to their door, it's a huge time saver."

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