Artist Creates Portrait of Team Who Cared for Father

Susie Cortez, a nationally recognized artist, presented the team at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano with a one-of-a-kind thank you for caring for her father who was ill with COVID-19

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88-year-old Mario Cortez spent 10 days, ill with COVID-19, at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano before feeling well enough to go home.

But the gratitude he and his daughter Susie Cortez have for the team who cared for him will last a lifetime.

That's why she spent six months creating a unique piece of artwork, featuring the portraits of Cortez's medical team.

She presented the artwork to the hospital this week.

“Creating this piece, I felt happiness inside my heart, not sadness,” said Cortez in a hospital press release.

“As I painted and looked at the individual photos of healthcare workers, I could sense smiles behind those masks. Hopefully, I captured those emotions, and others will find joy in my artwork as well.”

Her painting will remain on display for several months at Texas Health Plano.

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