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Rah Rah Cough! Fighting the Flu on Friday Nights



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    Players and cheerleaders are told to be careful as swine flu sweeps across the area.

    High fives and huddles are all part of high school football, and a good way to spread the flu.

    Trainers for high school football teams in North Texas have started taken precautions with their players on the sidelines.

    "We try and make sure the water bottles are clean and sanitized. We clean them everyday." said Chris Lemoine, the head trainer for Arlington Martin High School.

    Doctor Glenn Hardesty, with Texas Health in Arlington, said water bottles should not be shared on the sidelines.

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    Local schools are taking precautions making sure athletes are safe.
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    "If they drink out of a water bottle, and hand it to another person, they should probably look at other means of doing that. Using individual cups would be one method of doing that," said Hardesty. "Sharing equipment would be another mode of transmission. Anything that they touch or cough on, they could transfer to another student."

    Hardesty said cheerleaders should also be careful, noting that megaphones should be cleaned and not shared.