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Mom Performs CPR When Son Has Heart Attack

12-year-old collapses at home after school



    Doctors say a mother saved her 12-year-old son's life with CPR when he collapsed at home last week.

    Jack Pittman-Heglund had a heart attack Thursday. Kevin Heglund, the boy's father, said he fell to the floor and hit his head. But the boy's mother, who normally isn't home when the children get out of school, quickly began CPR as her son turned purple.

    "She was able to somehow talk on the phone, rest her cell phone on her shoulder while she was talking to 911 and still administering CPR to Jack," Heglund said. "She really saved his life."

    Doctors will soon administer more tests to determine what caused the heart attack, but say Jack has been responsive.

    12-Year-Old Suffers Heart Attack

    [DFW] 12-Year-Old Suffers Heart Attack
    Jack Pittman-Heglund collapsed in his Keller home, but his mother's fast thinking may have saved his life.
    (Published Monday, Oct. 11, 2010)

    "He's doing better," said Dr. Matthew Dzurik, a pediatric cardiologist. "Any time you have a patient that has cardiac arrest, you worry about not only that their heart can recover but all the other organs, so I think he's showing signs of improvement."

    He is in intensive care at Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth.

    Doctors expect him to live a normal life, although he will not be able to play sports. Jack, a lacrosse player, was getting ready to switch positions to goalie this year.

    His family is encouraging friends and family to learn CPR.

    "We want to make sure that another child, another person, can be helped the way my son was helped and a prevent death, because I'm sure he would have died if my wife didn't administer CPR to him," Heglund said.