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McKinney Lets Residents Opt Out of Ground Spraying

City maintains list of people who do not want mosquito spray near their home



    McKinney Allows Opting Out of Ground Spraying

    The city maintains a "no-spray" list of people who don't want spray trucks to spray pesticide near their house. (Published Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2012)

    Don't want trucks spraying for mosquitoes at your house? McKinney residents just have to call City Hall.

    The city maintains a "no-spray" list of people who, for one reason or another, don't want the mosquito spray anywhere near their house.

    "I certainly understand that if someone doesn't want chemicals sprayed on their yard -- I certainly respect that and understand that," said Richard Milam, McKinney's environmental health specialist.

    "Our contractor will actually shut the machine off when they get to within about three houses of the resident, the address that we give them," he said. "Then, once they pass the house, when they get about three houses past the house, they'll turn the machine back on."

    But Milam also said he has mixed feelings about the no-spray list.

    "Those other three houses surrounding that just do not get sprayed, so you can't be too effective because there's no chemical reaching the mosquitoes that could potentially be in that area," he said.

    Mosquito control specialists report no-spray lists are common in other parts of the country and say that because the chemical spreads in the air after it's sprayed, it can still effectively cover a neighborhood while respecting the addresses on the list.

    Right now, 52 addresses are on McKinney's no-spray list. Flower Mound also maintains a no-spray list, but it only has two names.

    Garland used to keep a similar list, but then decided to instead offer a courtesy call to people concerned about spraying in their neighborhood before the trucks go out.

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