Perry Urging Voters to Spread Message Outside Texas | NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth
Perry Urging Voters to Spread Message Outside Texas
BY Jay Root

Sitting on a pile of cash and a lead in the polls, Republican Gov. Rick Perry is so confident in the final week of the 2010 election that he's begun urging supporters to spread his pro-conservative message to other states.

At Buzzie's BBQ in Kerrville Tuesday, Perry told a boisterous crowd of about 200 to go vote for him and then asked them to call their friends and relatives living outside Texas and urge them to get behind the Republicans.

"Just love on 'em a little bit," Perry said. "And remind them to go vote for those small government, fiscal conservatives on the ballot."

Perry, who has steadily raised his profile as a national GOP leader, made the remarks during a swing through central Texas exactly one week before Election Day. Early voting ends Friday.