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Tarrant County College to Continue Majority of Classes ‘Online Only' in Spring Semester

College is the largest in Texas to announce plans to not reopen for in-person instruction in the spring

tarrant county college
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Tarrant County College announced plans Friday for how they plan to handle the upcoming spring semester amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The college said they plan to continue the majority of their classes online and for those classes that require on-campus instruction they will "continue to adhere to CDC and OSHA guidelines to ensure a safe learning and teaching environment."

“Tarrant County College remains committed to safeguarding the health, safety and well-being of our students, faculty and staff,” said TCC Chancellor Eugene Giovannini.

The college said the decision makes TCC one the largest higher education institutions in Texas to set definitive plans not to reopen for in-person instruction in January.

“We all miss having our campus corridors vibrant with students’ voices; we miss hosting campus events designed to enrich our students and engage our community; and, we miss the face-to-face interactions that are so valuable in forming and maintaining meaningful relationships with those we’re here to serve,” Giovannini explained. “That said, we would rather continue to navigate what we know as the nation’s Number One Online Community College – that students can and do succeed in online learning environments – than risk bringing nearly 50,000 students back to our campuses prematurely.”

Registration for Spring 2021 opens Oct. 26 and TCC will offer the entire Spring schedule of courses as published in its class schedule.

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