Novavax COVID-19 Phase 3 Trial in North Texas

Plano site is one of 115 in the Novavax COVID-19 vaccine phase 3 trial

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A Plano research physician is participating in the Phase 3 trials for the Novavax COVID-19 vaccine.

Dr. Jeffrey Adelglass is President of Research at Your Health in Plano, which is one of 115 sites in the US and Mexico that is participating in the Novavax COVID-19 vaccine trials. To determine the effectiveness of the vaccine, 30,000 people are being recruited. Two out of three will receive the actual vaccine and the other one will get only an ineffective placebo to compare the results. Participants and medical professionals administering the vaccine will not know who receives the placebo.

Volunteers for the study can call 214-550-0354 or visit

“This study is given to people who are as diverse as America, who have underlying conditions and who are at risk,” Dr. Adelglass said.

In addition, first responders and people who work in crowded conditions are also being recruited to participate.

“It’s about risk and social responsibility. The longer one waits to get a vaccine, is the more chance they’re going to be infected or infect somebody in their family. So there is a rush. Every day counts,” Dr. Adelglass said.

Novavax is the fifth COVID-19 vaccine to reach phase 3 trials.  Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines have already gained final approval for use.

As an example to others, long time civil rights leader Peter Johnson is among the people participating in the Plano study. 

“Because of our history with American Medicine, we have been kind of trained to be very suspicious, and not to trust American medicine,” Johnson said. “Those of use around the nation have decided to challenge our people, in spite of our history. This pandemic is what we call an equal opportunity offender.”

Johnson said he was exempt from a placebo to test how senior citizens would respond to the actual vaccine.

“I took it with the medication so we could see how it would react in my body. I feel fine,” Johnson said. “We must challenge our people to take this seriously.”

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