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North Texas Mom Launches Homeschool ‘Boot Camp' to Prepare Parents for Coming School Year

The mom of three came up with the idea to help other parents in March

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With the start of a new school year approaching, a Fort Worth mother of three came up with a homeschool "school" for parents, to prepare them for an uncertain fall.

Lindsay York is a homeschool teacher who’s added a new title: homeschool coach.

“I love being able to take someone’s big frustration and being able to break it down into little easy steps so that they feel more at ease,” York said.

She started to homeschool her oldest child seven years ago.

“He’s a very quick learner in a classroom setting, but quick learners sometimes struggle a little bit,” York said.

COVID-19 fueled an idea to teach what she learned to other parents, so she launched a 10-day boot camp to help them.

“We’ve hit our halfway point today, Sunday, with the first one, we’re on Day 5," York said. "And I have about 50 families that are waiting for either the online course or the next live version."

York holds webinars for parents, giving them tools on curriculum and teaching styles.

“That’s what I try to focus on -- not so much, how to homeschool, but the concept of, let’s figure out, and can you? And then, if you make the decision to, let’s get you prepared and organized and ready,” she said.

She said she hoped parents feel more confident as they enter a new school year with their children.

“We’re all new at this. This is completely new -- this pandemic that we’re going through. I think, parents have to give themselves some grace, to know that it’s going to be ok,” York said.

She plans to hold another boot camp in August.

Click here to find more information on her Facebook support group.

Click here for a link to her on-demand course.

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