Dallas Mayor, Healthcare Access Czar COVID-19 Update

Dallas City Hall
NBC 5 News

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson and the city's new Health and Healthcare Access Czar Dr. Kelvin Baggett held a news conference Wednesday afternoon to discuss the city's COVID-19 response efforts.

Baggett discussed what the city can do better, such as expanding testing capacity and capability, where to deploy those tests, contact tracing and how different communities will need different things.

Johnson announced Baggett's appointment last week, tasking him with a number of jobs including how to make sure the citizens of Dallas have access to testing and contact tracing amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Johnson pointed to Baggett's experience as a physician and healthcare executive with Tenet Healthcare, along with his masters of public health and epidemiology, as tools that will help him figure out strategies for testing and contact tracing in the city.

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