Couple Battling Coronavirus Hopes to Celebrate 68th Wedding Anniversary

A couple hoping to make it to their 68th wedding anniversary battles COVID-19 at the same time

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Ani Stone said her parents’ love story is one many young couples hope for. They met as high school teens in Dallas.

“That’s no different 68 years as it was when they first started. They don’t go anywhere without holding hands,” said Stone. “A Halloween party is when they met and went to that, and it just started.”

Now all these years later, Carole and Frank Barbosa are the glue holding the family together.

“They had six kids. And those six kids gave 26 grandkids and 21 greats,” said Stone.

Now, together, Carole and Frank Barbosa are in the fight of their lives. Both are battling the coronavirus.

“We really don’t know how it happened,” said their son, Ron Barbosa. “Was it that little tiny quick kiss on the cheek. And the thing is, when it comes it comes fast.”

The virus moved rapidly as the elderly couple tried to care for each other at home.

“He’s in our house and he’s complaining of a tummy ache, and then the next day he’s laying in a mess,” said Rob Barbosa. “When we went upstairs to check on him that next morning, we actually thought he was dead.

Today, Carole is hoping to come home soon. Frank is fighting the virus in the critical care ICU unit after waiting from plasma from a recovered coronavirus patient.

“When it kicked up a notch to where we thought we were going to lose him and they couldn’t find it, he rallied and we said we’re going to find it,” said Stone.

On Wednesday the family found out there was a match and the plasma was administered. Now they wait and hope.

“There is nothing that would ever shatter or break the bond that we have to do anything for Dad,” said Stone.

On July 26, the Barbosa’s are expected to celebrate their 68th wedding anniversary. The family is desperate for Frank to pull through and for the two to reunite.

“She calls him whiskers,” said Stone. “That’s always been his nickname. ‘Mom you just want to get home and be with whiskers?’ ‘Yes.’”

The goal is to gather at this Dallas home where the couple raised their six children. The home where they encountered many ups and downs. The home where they hope to tell yet another story of triumph.

“We said 'ok we’re going to have a big ol’ party July 26 and everyone is going to be there with y’all',” said Stone. “That’s all we want is for them to just be home.”

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