Collin County Reports 24 New Cases of COVID-19

Officials in Collin County reported 24 new cases of COVID-19 Tuesday, bringing the countywide total to 963.

Collin County Health Care Services also reported 18 new recoveries to bring that number 623. Twenty-nine people in Collin County have died after they tested positive for the coronavirus.

Also Tuesday, officials reassigned a case initially placed in Saint Paul.

Of the 24 new COVID-19 cases and one reassigned, eight are in Plano and seven are in Wylie. There are four new cases each in McKinney and Princeton, and two in Allen.

Tracking COVID-19 Cases in North Texas Counties

NBC 5 is tracking the number of COVID-19 related cases, recoveries and deaths in North Texas counties. Choose a county and click on a city or town to see how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting your area.

Cases are cumulative by day and are subject to change, dependent on each county health department's reporting schedule and methodology. Data may be reported county-wide, by city or town, or not at all. Cases, recoveries and death counts in 'unspecified' categories are used as placeholders and reassigned by their respective counties at a later date.

Data: County Health Departments, NBC 5 Staff
Nina Lin/NBC

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