HDTV Deals Get Better After the Big Game

Some football fans rushed out to buy a new television to watch the Super Bowl, but the prices often get better the week after the big game is over.

"Right before Christmas and right after the Super Bowl are the best times to get a TV as far as deals go," said Tony Venezia, a spokesman for electronics retailer Best Buy.

Some high-quality 1080p HDTVs are now selling for less than $1,000. Consumers saw significantly higher prices just a year or two ago.

"I remember when these first came out; it was ridiculous how expensive they were," said Win Sedwick, who was shopping for a new flat-panel TV last week.

Despite a tough economy, stores expect sales to pick up this week, in part because of customers who are upgrading their TVs in anticipation of the nationwide switch to digital television signals.

But for some football fans, there was no waiting to upgrade.

A new 55-inch TV went up at Julie Duran's house in Grand Prairie. The Steelers fan said she wanted to be ready for the big game.

"They showed us the TV, and it was very vivid," she said. "(There's) nothing like seeing the big black yellow and gold." 

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