Fuzzy's Tacos Getting Bigger

Franchises of Fort Worth staple opening across the country

Fuzzy's Taco Shop was born on Berry Street near Texas Christian University, but it's expanding rapidly across North Texas and the rest of the country.

When the current owners took over, it was a failing restaurant. Now its famous patrons reportedly include baseball great Nolan Ryan and singer Pat Green.

"It's simple," said Chuck Bush, part of the group that bought the flagship store from its original owner in 2003. "It's a great, unique, product served in an environment you can relax and have fun in and at a great price."

Fuzzy's has grown to nearly 30 restaurants, with even more on the way.

"Last year, I think we opened 18 stores," Bush said. "We've got another 20 slotted for 2011, and probably another 15 or 20 after that."

And although the owners say they don&'t know where the name "Fuzzy's" comes from, they do know why people like the restaurant.

"The secret is great food at a reasonable price, executed at a fun atmosphere every day," partner Mel Knight said. "Dad can get a cold beer, mom can get a margarita, the kids can have fun."

And it has a following.

"I come to Fuzzy's all the time, and I always get the chorizo and egg tacos," customer Jonathan Williams said. "But my brother today told me the shrimp tacos are on the list of 50 things you've got to eat before you die, so in case I die tomorrow, I've got shrimp tacos to try today for the first time."

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