American Airlines Bars Woman Bodybuilder From Flight for ‘Offensive' Clothing

Deniz Saypinar missed her flight because the airline crew deemed her clothing violated the company dress code for passengers

Joe Raedle | Getty Images

A woman bodybuilder was barred from boarding an American Airlines flight at DFW International Airport on Thursday because her clothing was deemed offensive.

Deniz Saypinar, a 26-year-old professional bodybuilder from Turkey, was flying to Miami when airline staff flagged her attire as inappropriate. After missing her flight, she posted an Instagram story on her social media platform of 1 million followers detailing the ordeal.

“I like to wear feminine clothes that reveal my femininity, but I never dress in a way that would offend anyone,” Saypinar said in her post. “I’m mature and civilized enough to know what I can and cannot wear.”

Read the full report on the bodybuilder blocked from traveling at The Dallas Morning News.

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