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Texas Could Rank Tops in Business Poll

Poll results released Tuesday



    Texas Could Rank Tops in Business Poll

    Based on previous showings in CNBC’s Top States for Business, the most obvious question for Texas in 2010 is whether the state finishes first or second.

    When CNBC releases the results on TV and the Internet Tuesday July 13, state boosters will clearly be looking for a repeat of 2008 when Texas edged out Virginia for the No. 1 spot. In 2009and 2007, it was Virginia then Texas atop the rankings.

    Four Top 10 showings, including two No. 1 spots, in 2009 weren’t enough, as Texas’s total score (1474) fell four points shy of tying Virginia.

    If there’s a make-or-break category this year, it is, fittingly enough, the Cost of Doing Business one, the biggest point category (450). Having ranked 27 in both 2007 and 2008, Texas slipped to 32 in 2009, notching 197 points. Even slight improvement could put Texas over the top.

    An even stepper decline was registered in the Quality of Life category (32/22), but given its lesser weighting (250 points), that is not as critical.

    Over the past years, Texas has been one of the most consistent performers: Economy (1,1,1); Transportation & Infrastructure (1,1.5) Access to Capital (3,3,4); Technology & Innovation (3,4,5); Cost of Living 7,3,4), Education (30,30,31); and Business Friendliness (20,20,24).

    A point here and a point there and they could add up to victory.