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Group Launches Pro-Wet Campaign

Progress Dallas morphs into Keep the Dollars in Dallas



    Group Launches Pro-Wet Campaign
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    Keep the Dollar in Dallas hopes to toast a successful campaign.


    This just seems to be a case of typecasting.
    The pro side of the pending wet-dry issue — the Nov. 2 election to allow beer and wine sales throughout Dallas and to do away with the hodge-podge of “wet” areas and “dry” areas that date back to the late Crustaceous period — launched its campaign Wednesday stating the financial benefits to the city if the referendum is passed.
    The opposition, the “no” side of the coin, plans a lawsuit to prevent the referendum to be included on Nov. 2 ballots, claiming the petition came up short on valid signatures.
    The promotional campaign, called Keep the Dollars in Dallas, claims Dallas loses an estimated $20 million-$30 million in sales tax revenue a year because thirsty residents haul off to a suburb to score some libations.
    In a news release announcing the campaign, Mickey Ashmore of United Realty Corp. said Dallas loses an untold amount of potential property tax revenue because developers head to all-wet ‘burbs, not wanting potential tenants to worry about the arcane wet-dry map in Dallas.
    Wow, they consider clients’ need to feed the booze jones when developing commercial projects? Sweet.
    It’s all about choice, though, isn’t it? People either choose to drink or choose not to drink. Who cares where they buy it? And they will buy it be it merlot or Thunderbird.
    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. He lives in a wet area, so what does he care?