Dog Days of Summer 2013 – Gallery XII

NBC 5 viewers share photos showing how their pets stay cool in the hot Texas summer.

77 photos
(L to R) Boss, Beau @ Buckle enjoying pool time! My gand-dogs come to visit (my dog) their Uncle Beau! By: Kelly Robinson Lucas, Tx.
Susan Mahan
Waiting in the squirrels My one year old Rat Terrier Gunsmoke. Cooling off after chasing the squirrels and waiting on the few who water in his pool.
kristin crownover
Moose Moose cooling off in the fountain.
Dog days
Dog days
Brooke and Lynzie Rollins of Sanger tx
Ill stop for a quick photo even though Im hot Lil miss Bridgit always a cutie especially in her bikini.
My name is Holly Bolling and this is a picture of Gus Gus and Cameron. They are busy soaking up the air conditioner and not the sun. It's too hot to play outside. :)
My 50 lb pet tortoise Berkeley in his new pool Paula Jackson Dallas
Ok, I watch you guys all the time, but I don't have a dog, but I do have a cat, who I believe is a dog trapped inside a cats body. He is 10 years old, and his name is Nitro. He will roll over for a treat which is what a dog would do :-) Tammy Kleis Mckinney, TX
This is holly jumping in to the pool! Miranda Owens McKinney, tx
Harley, an 11yr old German Shepherd mix loves to lay on the tanning ledge to stay cool!!
Our 5-month old Pit Bull, Sophie after last week's rain.
This is Blazer from Denton, TX trying out her very own pool for the first time! Trying to get our water wings, one step at a time!
Sharon evans
Billy at Lake Joe Pool This is Billy from Arlington ready to take a cool drive on lake
Jennifer Carnes
Leela at the Red River This is my Rottweiler, Leela. She is seven (7) years old and loves to go in the water. She lives by Lake Lavon and gets to enjoy the lake almost every day.
Vance Carter
Hank chillin on his raft Hank is sun bathing in the pool
Dog days of summer - Bella Submitted by The Eckley Family
Dog Days of Summer Morning, This is Prissy my Chihuahua showing my husband how to drive. First, is her trying to ask Mike if we need to ask for directions? Second, she is telling him that the brake is on the left! Thanks, ~Rhonda Falk
I got lots of kisses for this Dog Cave. Baxer Bear has been in his cave ever since, happy as can be. cost 1 free window unit and 7.00 for a tarp. We love our dog and he loves us.
Kelley Long
Chillin My Lily does not like water but she does not like to left out, so she floats!
Dog Days of Summer Morning, This is Prissy my Chihuahua showing my husband how to drive. First, is her trying to ask Mike if we need to ask for directions? Second, she is telling him that the brake is on the left! Thanks, ~Rhonda Rhonda Falk
Ruby from Plano
Ruby from Plano
Ruby from Plano
James Pettit
My friend's wiener dog Oscar trying to keep cool in the Texas heat.
Dog Days of Summer Anyone up for a swim??? This is Gracie, our 7 year old Cavalier King Charles! She's up for anything! Gretchen Simmerman - McKinney, TX
Mary Beth Hutchinson
Jeep floating -- Too much splashing going on.
Mary Beth Hutchinson
Jeep loves to play ball anywhere.
Mary Beth Hutchinson
Jeep playing ball in the pool.
Ella soaking up the sun in her "kiddie" pool.
This is our dog Sopapilla. Her absolute favorite thing into world is chasing her tennis ball into the pool. This shot took about 25 tries. Owners are Kelly and Michelle Shoulders
Levi Maxi (diving in to the water) loves to dive off the waterfall in our pool. He is a smooth Fox Terrier who recently turned one year old on July 6th 2013. He used to be afraid of the pool, now he will not say out of it. This was sent in by Renee Westfall of Plano Texas.
7/22/13 This is Sherlock, a rescue dog from S.T.A.R.S. – Save The Animals Rescue Society. He’s about 8 yrs. old and he’s a BIG fan of the Dallas Cowboys. Sherlock loves the sunshine and is now “gearing up” for “Da Boys” fall season! G O C O W B O Y S!!! His owners are Jim & Diane Keeton of Lewisville.
Here are our chickens enjoying watermelon!
Here is our puppy Tracer and the chickens having watermelon!
Bently at flower mound concert
Jeff Gibson
Spiro and Zena cooling down enjoying some relaxing rays.
Mike land
Diggy swimming
MayZee learning how to swim!! Jessica Kelley Granbury, Tx
wynn wolter
Phoebe YES!, weiner dogs swim too!
Wynn Wolter
Fiona swimming Our puppy Fiona takes her swimming very seriously!
My dog enjoying the water This is my dog Buster.He is enjoying the cool water.He almost always is by my side.I recently recovered from the I.C.U at Baylor of Dallas. This is a picture i took of him happy as can be that his daddy came home. My name is Michael WilliamsAge 32From Rockwall Texas.Me and my soon to be wife / better half ( Dana Derryberry ) are getting married November 9th. 2013.
DOG DAYS OF SUMMER I'm Luke Shannon and this is my dog sandy chasing a turtle in my pool
Rooter & MayZee soaking up the sun!! My water babies. Jessica Kelley Granbury, Tx
Isabel Chapa
Dog: rocky Me: Isabel chapa
Rebecca Dennis
Relaxing after a long day at the pond Nard, our mixed lab, loves to relax on his small trampoline after a long walk and play in the pond. If you notice his paws are covered in black mud from the pond. Owners: Randy and Rebecca Dennis
Sherman and Chief at Lake Texoma.
Dog Photo Congratulations to our very own Buster Evans by coming in 3rd Place in the Delta Airlines "Picture Pet Pageant" today! We won a two week, all expense paid trip to Dubai, Ritz Carlton, Cruise for the entire family! Bon Voyage everybody!!!!! What, we only won $25 American Express gift card! ‪#‎ComeonMan‬!!!
DOG DAYS OF SUMMER Hi I'm Luke Shannon and this is my dog sandy chasing a turtle in my pool
DOG DAYS OF SUMMER Hi I'm Luke Shannon and this is my dog sandy chasing a turtle in my pool
Dog Days of Summer This is a typical day in our backyard! Gracie, our 7 year Cavalier King Charles loves the sun!!! Gretchen Simmerman - McKinney, TX
Cool days for Cupcake Cupcake enjoys her backyard pool after a sprint around the yard. Cathy Miller
Dog pic Bear playing fetch at North Bark Dog Park Tiffany Rodgers
Dog days of summer
living young XD Nikki ( the tall one ) and Otis ( the small one ) chilling in there pool and living the young life :)
Nicole Maxson
Chicago Dog in DFW Angel came down to visit from Chicago, and was having a hard time adjusting to the heat!
Nikki Knope
Andy the water dog Andy, our loveable Yorkiepoo, loves to swim in the summer! He normally looks like a little teddy bear, but the water turns him into quite the little creature!
Rebecca Dennis
Dog Days of Summer Reno, our full blooded white lab, loves to cool off in the yellow bucket outside under our big tree. Owners: Randy and Rebecca Dennis
Dog days of summer
Ken McPherson
Bulldog in Pool Packer loves his pool time!!
Kathleen Cantu
Susie soaks in fun in the sun 10 year old mini pin Susie loves to work on her tan instead of swimming.
Ken McPherson
Cool Bulldog Our bulldog Packer escaping the Texas heat
Dog days of summer Jacking SUPing with Stand Up Paddleboard DFW on Lake Arlington.
Dog days of summer Jacking SUPing with Stand Up Paddleboard DFW on Lake Arlington.
Jackie enjoying the sun ( 8 yr old brittany spaniel)...
Max loves to dive in, while Bella cheers him on.
Analiese Florkowski
Meet Rousseaux (Roo-so) 4 month old black lab in the pool for the first time!
Cooling off in Plano Max, our Golden Retriever, loves to swim on these hot Texas days.
Penny actually assumes this position frequently when outside. I call it her yoga pose :-) Laura Nix
Kathy & Keith Patterson of Fort Worth.
Sam and Zeus, Airedale Terriers on their daily walk. Zeus said it's too hot for him to walk. Actually, Zeus is an older dog with arthritis and he can't make the two mile walk in the mornings. We don't want to leave him 'home alone', so we found a solution.
Dog Days This is Dante, my daughter's dog, just finding whatever shade he can. Submitted by Sam Herriot of Ft. Worth.
Zeus on jet ski Our black lab,Zeus, cooling off at the lake on our jet ski.
I am Scot Rampley,and this my english bulldog Diesel. He just finished vacuuming and told me; " I am tired... Will you turn the air down now??"
david lewis
Zoe Lewis cooling in the shade
Sophie Brophy
Party Animal It's summer and with summer there comes parties; Felix seems to have partied a little to hard last night!
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