What's on NBCDFW Nonstop?

Locally Produced

Nonstop Nightly – A nightly look inside the big stories of the day. From the players to the events, this is an in-depth look at what shapes news in DFW.  Anchored by NBC 5’s Jane McGarry (Monday – Friday) at 6:30 p.m.

DFW Today Nonstop - A constant churn of news, weather and traffic.  Tune in at 7 a.m. for live weather and traffic and an update on everything you need to start your day.  Primary anchors: Deborah Ferguson, Scott Friedman, Jennifer Lopez, Tammy Dombeck and Samantha Davies. (Monday – Friday)

Foodies DFW – The heart and flavor of DFW. From the quirky to the authentic, we’ll visit terrific restaurants and venues for appetizers, entrees, desserts and more.  Original episode airs Mondays at 9 p.m. Latest episodes replay after LXTV every Saturday night on NBC 5.

Scene DFW - Want to know what's hot in DFW and the surrounding area? Scene DFW will keep you in the know. From fashion trends to the best places to play -- the show covers it all. Original episode airs Mondays at 9:30 p.m. Latest episodes replay Monday mornings at midnight.

Spotlight  – This locally produced program turns the spotlight on DFW community leaders and our neighbors who exemplify positive role models each making a difference in their own way.  Viewers are left with a wonderful sense of community pride and thoughts on how they may civically contribute.

Talk Street  – A magazine style show that interviews community leaders and highlights upcoming local events in DFW and the surrounding area.
The Rundown – A non-traditional look at the news of the day.  The NBC5 news team gives commentary with a fun and creative edge.  Hosted by Deborah Ferguson and Scott Friedman.(Monday – Friday) at 1 and 3 p.m.

From Our Other Nonstop Stations

Talk Stoop - Celebrities and newsmakers stop by for coffee and chat on Cat Greenleaf's Brooklyn stoop.  Eavesdrop on the casual conversation!

Extra – Constantly delivering a fresh and unique approach to breaking entertainment news and celebrity interviews, host Mario Lopez delivers content DFW can’t seem to get enough of.

First Look  – Hot, hip and happening – your weekly guide to some of the country’s most exciting adventures in dining, nightlife, fashion, wellness and escapes.  The very best that life has to offer.  The guidebook for DFW locals looking for adventure.

George to the Rescue  – A home improvement show based on viewers writing in and the show responding by helping deserving individuals improve their households.  Host George Oliphant does projects in many local communities including DFW.

Open House  – Whether buying, selling, improving or just dreaming, Open House is the ultimate insiders guide to the sexiest spectator sport in DFW – real estate.  Open the doors to some of the country’s and region’s most lavish homes.

Andiamo  – Travel/Culture/Adventure/Cuisine – “Andiamo” is the Italian phrase for “Let’s go.”  Host Donna Perkins takes North Texans around the world to showcase unique destinations, culture, fantastic dining and more.

Live Digital with Shelly Palmer  - Palmer features the top stories in technology, media and entertainment with noteworthy guests offering expert advice about the latest hardware and software.

Chris Matthews  – Intense, experienced, straightforward, and outspoken, Chris Matthews brings powerful and influential political national and international commentary to DFW.

Give and Take with Julie Menin - An in-depth interview program exploring current events and featuring prominent figures from a wide variety of fields including business, law, politics, science, medicine and the arts.

Hispanics Today  – Meet the people, hear the beat and feel the energy of the Hispanic community in DFW and the United States.

House Smarts  – This program answers questions DFW homeowners really want to know.  Nobody adds on a room in one weekend, or lets their neighbors decorate their living room.  House Smarts follows the progress of real people and lessons learned.

Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase - Jimmy Lloyd introduces you to the fresh voices of creative musicians who sing and write their own songs.

Meet the Press  – NBC’s David Gregory hosts this award-winning, classic news and interview show fresh each week discussing topics of the day.

Moms and the City – Moms and the City serves up honest and often-exasperated humor of three real moms raising children in New York City facing issues to which we can all relate.

Press Here  – DFW high-tech and Silicon Valley meeting in this weekly roundtable discussion featuring the top names in the technology industry and world class technology reporters from The New York Times, USA Today, Bloomberg Businessweek, Yahoo finance and more.

Thread – The inside line on fashion!  This shows reviews the hottest trends appearing in the nation’s fashion markets, which DFW samples locally through such venues as the World Trade Mart.

Wall Street Journal Report  – This first class financial news program hosted by Maria Bartiromo offers a timely, succinct summary of the week’s financial markets.

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