What You'll Be Eating at Dallas' Convention Center Hotel

Hint: It's not crow

When the Dallas Convention Center Hotel opens in 2012, it won't be leaving it's guests hungry.

Irving-based Omni Hotels, will operate the new city-owned hotel, says they'll bring a Bob's Steak and Chop House location to the hotel, as well as a snack-shack called Morsel's that is designed to compete with Starbucks.

Omni also says they'll bring a casual dining restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner -- while Bob's would only serve the evening meal. There's also plans for a 2-acre mixed use space next to the hotel, which could offer more dining and shopping options.

In the long term, developers are hoping for an entertainment corridor stretching from the convention center through West End to Victory Park. That's one long corridor...pretty sure we're not interested in walking that far for Hard Rock Cafe before the Dallas Guitar Show.

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