What Goes Up…Don't Shoot Guns at Midnight

Police planning extra duty to nab DWI drivers.

New Year's revelers who can't resist the temptation to shoot bullets into the air will go to jail, according to the Dallas police.

"I could just hear the bullets hitting the roof, 'Ping ping ping ping,'" said a victim of last year's salute.

Also in the 2008 celebration, a bullet came through the roof of a Pleasant Grove church and landed in a baby stroller -- just missing the child.  Across town, a bullet struck a woman as she watched fireworks at a west Dallas park.

Police are encouraging anyone hearing gunshots on New Year's Eve to call 911.

Also, shooting fireworks in most North Texas cities is illegal.  Check local ordinances if you are in doubt about the rules in your city.

Local law enforcement will be watching the roads closely over the holiday.  The Dallas County Sheriff's Department plans to have 30 deputies looking for drivers under the influence. In Denton County, deputies also plan to bulk up resources.

DWI suspects in Parker County will not have a choice as to whether or not they provide a breath or blood sample since New Year's Eve is a "No Refusal" holiday. Anyone arrested for DWI through New Year's Day will be required to provide a breath or blood sample to determine whether or not they are legally drunk.

Similar operations are planned state wide.

Additionally, officers will be conducting point of purchase checks to ensure that stores and clubs are enforcing strict identification policies and adhering to their alcohol license requirements.

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