Double-Decker Walmart/Sam's Club Opens in Dallas

Walmart opened half of a brand new, second-of-its-kind store in Dallas off of Northwest Highway and Skillman Wednesday morning.  The double-decker design has a Walmart store on the second level and a Sam's Club on the first level.  The Sam's Club will open in September.

In just the first few hours, customers who live nearby packed in -- excited about a Walmart location a little closer to home.

"We knew it was coming and we were excited, and I live fairly close," said Walmart shopper Barbara McMahan.  "We had been going to one that's really far off so when ... my daughter said it's open this morning, I thought this is where we're coming to get school supplies."

Despite the enhanced store features -- including an escalator that's just for grocery carts -- what's more impactful is how the new store will affect the surrounding community.

"Three hundred people are going to be hired at this store and they're going to be neighbors," said Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings.  "That helps the economy."

It's only the beginning.  Walmart plans to open another six stores in the area over the next several years.  Mayor Rawlings hopes it will attract more big business to Dallas.

"When Walmart invests millions of dollars and they know they can make money, other businesses will say I think the water is safe to go in," said Rawlings. "And its very, very safe in Dallas."

Walmart plans to spend about $200 million to expand in Dallas.

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