Go Wild at the Fort Worth Zoo

Take a walk on the wild side

The Fort Worth Zoo is home to thousands of animals from around the world and is also known for showcasing ones from Texas.

“The zoo is one of the greatest attractions that our city has” says Allison Smith who often visits the zoo with her young son Declan.

7000 animals from 500 species are spread across 64 acres that make up the Fort Worth Zoo.

“We open a new exhibit here every 12-18 months. So, there’s always something new going on ” says Alexis Wilson the Director of Communications at the Fort Worth Zoo.

More than one million people walk through the gates every year. Part of the reason is because there is an assortment of animals that are sometimes hard to find all in one place.
For instance, the zoo is the only institution in the United States that houses all four species of great apes. You can also find three species of flamingoes.

The zoo is also home to something else it says is rare -- new additions from breeding projects.

“We’re experiencing great success, seeing some species that haven’t hatched at the zoo for more than 20 years” says Wilson. 

One of the zoo’s biggest attractions showcases animals from around the state.

 “Texas Wild is an opportunity to be a state tourist right here in your own back yard” explains Wilson.

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