Clearing it out: De-Personalizing your Home for Better Showings

Your home is your castle, as they say, and as such it reflects your personal taste, style and design flair. It may not, however, reflect the taste of the buyer that just walked through the door.

What to do?

Assuming that not everyone will appreciate your shot glass collection you must realize that an overly personalized home, while cozy and inviting to you, may not create a warm and fuzzy feeling with potential home buyers.

With that said, the best thing you can do to solve this style dilemma is to depersonalize your Irving home and instead create a warm, neutral palette that will attract most buyers.

Instead of your buyers focusing on your wall of family photos, for example, your buyers may instead focus on the great features of the room.

Your precious photographs, although incredibly important to you, will only serve do distract buyers and make a room feel overly cluttered.

Pack it Away (for Now)

Take the time to pack away your knick knacks, photographs and other mementos before listing your home for sale.

If your children’s toys have taken over the house, now is also the time to clear them out and pack most of them away. Buyers should not notice the large pile of toys in the living room before they notice the fantastic brick fireplace.

Religious statues and art may also fall under the category of overly personal. Just as not everyone has your taste in collectibles, they may not hold your beliefs.

And by all means, try not to take it personally when depersonalizing your home. Your mementos are an important part of your life, but for resale purposes they need to be packed away.

Your collectibles, art and photographs will all find a special place in your new home, but for now the name of the game is to depersonalize the space and get your house sold!

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