Choosing a Realtor Who's Right for You


A qualified Realtor can greatly facilitate the process of selling your property. Finding a good Realtor, however, takes time and requires a bit of research and homework to ensure that you have found a good fit.

A qualified real estate agent can help you find a home, tell you how much your home is worth and what to list your home for, recommend lenders and home inspectors, coordinate your home’s closing and help coordinate negotiations for your Coppell real estate.

The following tips will help you find a qualified Realtor:

  • Get referrals from friends, family, neighbors and business associates. Choose at least three Realtors who you will then interview. Some common questions to ask a Realtor during the interview process include:
    • How long have you been in business?
    • Will I work with you or with a business associate or assistant?
    • How many homes have you sold in the neighborhoods that I am looking at?
    • What marketing techniques will you use to sell my home?
    • How many clients do you currently have?
    • Do you work full-time (a part-time Realtor may not be able to devote the time needed to sell your home.)?
  • Learn about the Realtor’s qualifications, including continuing education and training.
  • Ask your Realtor for referrals. A qualified real estate agent should have a long list of referrals from which to choose. Any Realtor hesitant to give you referrals should be avoided.
  • Determine whether your personalities mesh well together. No matter how qualified a real estate agent is, if you don’t feel comfortable around him or her, then the relationship will not work. You will need to have frequent, honest conversations, so don’t take this area too lightly.

Find a Realtor who is easy to talk to, who answers your questions directly and honestly, and is readily available to answer questions and address concerns at any given time.

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