Dallas Desire Defeats Denver in Opening LFL Game

Dallas Desire ranked No. 1 in Lingerie Football League


The ladies of the Dallas Desire defeated the Denver Dream 20-6 in their home opener Friday night in the first ever Lingerie Football League game played at QuikTrip Park in Grand Prairie.

What is the LFL you ask?  It's an extension of the immensely successful pay-per-view special that, much to the chagrin of the NFL, runs in direct competition to the ballyhooed and often disappointing Super Bowl half-time extravaganza put on by the boy's league each winter.

To further explain it ... it's simply athletic models in lingerie playing 7-on-7 tackle football against other similarly steamy-named teams.

"It's real football, but it's just played by beautiful women.  They have a lot of built in athleticism -- it's just a matter of honing them and finding the next Tony Romo -- only better, in a skirt," said Mitchell Mortaza, founder of the LFL. "It doesn't hurt to be beautiful -- that's part of the criteria.  You're not going to see 250-lb bruisers out there I can tell you that much."

The other eight franchises in the LFL are the Chicago Bliss, Los Angeles Temptation, Miami Caliente, New York Majesty, Philadelphia Passion, San Diego Sedution, Seattle Mist and Tampa Breeze.  For more information on the Lingerie Football League, visit lflus.com.

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