Trece Closed, Owner Says The Building Will Come Down

Have a final toast for Trece, the Mexican restaurant known for its vast selection of tequilas on tap on Travis Street just a hop, skip and a jump from Rio Room.

It has closed for the summer, said owner Robert Columbo to Pegasus News. He went on to blame the intense heat wave’s effects on the restaurant’s 25-year-old air conditioner for closing.

Columbo also revealed that Trece’s lease is up in the fall, and that there are plans to demolish both Little Katana and Sur La Table, replacing them with a “Post/Gables type residential building.”

However, according to Executive Vice President of sales for Sur La Table, Jeff Gottlieb, “Sur La Table’s Dallas location has a long-term lease," and there aren't any 'plans' to close the store.

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