Toby Keith Opens I Love This Bar & Grill in Dallas

BBQ, burgers and fried Twinkies

Country music legend Toby Keith is putting down roots in North Texas opening his 12th I Love This Bar & Grill in Dallas at 10110 Technology Boulevard East.

The bar and grill is as eclectic as his personality and features a strong red, white and blue patriotic theme.

At the bar frosty draft beers are served in mason jars, while the grill is home to great burgers, rib eyes and some of his favorites you can’t get anywhere else.

"Sometimes you see stuff on the menu and say ‘I can get a steak, baby backs anywhere, but I can’t get a fried bologna sandwich unless I’m at my house. So, I’m having a fried bologna sandwich,'" said Keith.

There is even State Fair-style food like fried Twinkies.

"Well if you can't order it somewhere people will tend to order it," said Keith.

An Oklahoman at heart Keith wanted to open Dallas.

He loves Texas because before he was somebody people here always made sure he never felt like a nobody.

"A lot of people, a lot of friends took care of us when we couldn't take care of ourselves and still owe associates and acquaintances," said Keith.

Keith also enjoys supporting the troops. He's performed countless times in Iraq and Afghanistan.

And any service can go to any one of his restaurants and get a free meal by showing their military ID.

"I've done 192 shows in Afghanistan and Iraq and after that many it's important to tell them I hope you get home safe," said Keith. "I'll pray for your safety and when you do get back you know you got a place to come."

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