The Best View in Cowtown

Luxury urban living isn't just for New Yorkers, Angelenos or the rich and famous.

Now all you have to do is head to downtown Fort Worth, where the new Omni Residences offer a little something different.

"Our residences have their own private entry, which is totally separate from hotel guests," said Karla Burgess, regional director of Personette and Associates. "They have a private pool. They have (a) private workout area. They have a Zen garden and a gourmet kitchen."

From the freeways which surround the city, you can't miss the 33 story building that glimmers in the Fort Worth skyline.

The Omni boasts that The Residences are the only high-rise condominiums in Cowtown that are connected to a four-star hotel.

"We have 24-hour room service for all our residences. So if you want to have dessert at two in the morning, you can have that," said Burgess. "If you want to have breakfast in bed, that can be delivered for you."

The Omni also offers 24-hour valet, security and in-home spa services, as well as a dog walker. You can even call on a personal chef to cook that special meal for two or 10.

"You are truly treated like a hotel guest here. It's like living on vacation," said Burgess.

But living in that lap of luxury will cost you.

One-bedrooms start at $400,000. A two-bedroom with a study starts at a cool $900,000.

But the view alone may be worth the cost.

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