Texans Love Elvis on the Web

The King is alive and on top of internet searches from Texas

The King lives…on the web. The 74th anniversary of Elvis Presley's birth is shimmying its way closer on January 8th and according to Yahoo! it's not only the home of Graceland that is most interested.

Of the top ten states searching for "Elvis" in the past 30 days, Tennessee ranks a mere 7th while Texas slides in at #1.

Here's some bullet point factoids from Yahoo!:

  • According to Yahoo! 54% of Elvis searches come from women, while 46% come from men.
  • Searches for Elvis Presley have spiked 24% in the last month.
  • The top searched Elvis Song is "Blue Christmas"
  • Searches for Elvis songs are up 120% in the last month

According to Yahoo! the top Elvis searches are:

  1. Elvis Presley (searches are up 24% this month)
  2. Elvis Songs (searches are up 120% this month)
  3. Elvis Pictures
  4. Elvis Presley Christmas Duets
  5. Elvis Presley Middle Name
  6. Elvis biography
  7. Elvis's first hit
  8. Elvis Birthday

According to Yahoo! the top states searching for "Elvis" are:

  1. Texas
  2. Missouri
  3. Illinois
  4. Ohio
  5. New York
  6. California
  7. Florida
  8. Virginia
  9. Tennessee
  10. Pennsylvania

According to Yahoo! the top DMAs searching for "Elvis" are:

  1. Rockford (IL)
  2. Dallas-ft. Worth (TX)
  3. Houston (TX)
  4. Los Angeles (CA)
  5. Chicago (IL)
  6. New York (NY)
  7. Washington, Dc (DC)
  8. St. Louis (MO)
  9. Atlanta (GA)
  10. Little Rock-pine Bluff (AR)

SOURCE: Yahoo!

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